©1988 - music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

Will you love me tomorrow

Like you loved me today
Will you kiss me tomorrow

In the same special way
Will you hold my hand and walk with me

When the sun is goin' down
And will you lay with me

On evening's golden ground


I'm asking these questions Joanne

I'm asking baby please tell me when
Your gonna' fall for me

Like an old oak tree

Fallin' in the wind


Will you love me tomorrow

Longer than yesterday
Will you touch me tomorrow

In the same tender way
Will you take my heart and keep it

With you for all time
Will you keep on loving me

Forever to be mine
Joanne baby come on come on love me

Joanne baby oh you are so fine
Joanne baby oh I want your body

Layin' here right next to mine


Will you love me tomorrow

When summer turns to fall
Will you be here in the winter

Can I give you a call
Would you join me if I asked you

Can I give you a ring
Then maybe we can marry

When winter turns to spring



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