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©2017 music and words by John R. Black, 42nd Street Music Seattle


Here is my story 

what I have to say 

Please pass some time 

Before I go away 

I’m hangin’ on the edge 

Slidin’ to the end 

Runnin’ for my life 

Catch me if you can 



I’m away on time 

(it’s) the trouble in my mind 

and time will only end 

when I have you 

My world is spinnin’ round 

I can’t understand 

why I’m away on time 


I’m travelin’ this road 

like a lonesome soul 

No one to see 

No where to go 

What about my life 

How's it gonna end 

Tears me up inside 

I won’t pretend 




Press against my heart 

Love me all the time 

Tell me why I'm yours 

tell why you're mine 

Gone away in soul 

Gone away in time 

I’m losing control 

of this rambling mind 



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