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©2016 –
music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

Well I’ve been tryin’ so long
To get you to love me so strong
Cryin’ myself to sleep every night
Baby baby baby
You gotta’ treat me right

Well I’ve been lonesome so bad
I been feelin’ so sad
Cryin’ myself to sleep all alone
Baby baby baby
When you gonna’ come home


You’re breakin’ my heart
You’re foolin’ around
You’re turnin’ my mind upside down
You’re shakin’ me up
What can I do
oh baby baby baby I love you

I’ve been workin’ double shift
Savin’ my money for a gift
Will you ever come around
Baby baby baby
When we gonna’ touch ground

Love me tonight, I’d be  so glad
Instead your makin’ me so sad
Cryin’ myself to sleep just ain’t right
Baby baby baby
You gotta treat me right

(Chorus x2)

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