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©1998 - music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

Dr. Fall

You told it all

Hell in a Very Small Place
Called Dien Ben Phu

Two Vietnams

Street Without Joy
Why wouldn't those Pentagon Boys listen to you


Dr. Fall

You stood tall

On that sunny day

When they took your soul
In Quang Tri

Those Viet Cong

Were dangerous guys
It seems to me

We were where

We weren't supposed to be

Dr. Fall

I dream of you

And all of the things

You told us
We shouldn't do

Ho Chi Minh

General Giap
They won the war

Without the high tech stuff we knew

Dr. Fall

Were're okay

It's taken quite awhile to shake it all
But we did it

Dr. Fall

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