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©2017 music and words by John R. Black, 42nd Street Music Seattle 


I’m alone in this room 

Lights are all dim 

Drinks about gone 

Where do I begin? 

Do you care about my story? 

Well I’ll give it to you straight 

Don’t ask no questions 

I am near hell's gate 



I’ll sum it up right now 

In a single dirty word 

It’s called betrayal 

I’m sure you’ve heard 

She was all I ever wanted 

She was young and so pure 

She said, “Oh how I love you 

You can be very sure”

I’ll love you forever 

I’ll love you forever 


Then she betrayed me 

slept with my best friend 

I said, “Go to hell baby, 

This has got to end” 

She begged for me to take her back 

She said, “Oh honey please! 

I’ll love you forever 

and that you can believe” 




She said, “Please forgive me. 

I deserve a second chance. 

We will just bury the hatchet 

and restart this romance 

I said, “Go to hell, baby.  

This has got to end. 

The love affair is over 

Let’s not pretend” 


So you heard my story 

and I gave it to you straight 

You can figure out the ending 

I’m knockin’ at hell’s gate 

I’m knockin’ at hell’s gate 



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