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©2017 music and words by John R. Black, 42nd Street Music Seattle

It’s a long, long road 

It’s a long, long highway 

Tell me where you're headin’ 

are you gonna take me? 

How many miles are we gonna travel? 

How many people are we gonna see? 

I’ve been waiting for the journey 

Waiting patiently 



Count me in, I’ll stick by you 

Count me in, to the end 

If the road is rocky 

lean on me, my friend 

Count me in, I’ll stay with you 

Count me in, by your side 

If the road gets narrow 

and hope is hard to find 

Count me in 


I’ve been counting down the days 

Till I’m gonna be free 

I’m running out of highway 

and running out of dreams 

How many miles are we gonna travel? 

How many miles before we find the gold? 

Didn’t find it on this road 

Where my dreams got sold 




You don’t know my pain and sorrow 

You don’t know I dread tomorrow 

Are you sure we’ll make this journey 

Lookin’ for the gold 

It’s for sure I want this journey 

Need a detour off this highway 

Where my dreams got sold 




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