©1991 music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

We don't have to worry

About the Vietnam War

Because it's gone, gone in history
Like all wars before

You can put away those war books

No need to study strategy
No need to send young women and men

To fight for you and me

We don't have to worry

About the Russian threat

Because it's gone, gone in history
Like all enemies we forget

Put away the bombs and guns

No need for a cold war
Thank Gorbachev for what he's done

By opening the door
So there's less for defense

And more to feed the poor


I'm going to settle down in my hometown

Where I don't have to march in more parades
I'm going to put away my uniform

I don't plan to fight another war
Because we don't have to worry anymore


We don't have to worry about JFK
Because he's gone, gone in history

Before he had his say
You can put away the Warren Report

That told us how he died
The day our dreams were shattered

Remember how we cried


Forget about the questions
Truth is hidden from our view

Until our sons and daughters
Find out more than me and you



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