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©2002 - music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

FBI reports

Memoirs in draft form

Heading to some destination

Time is getting short
Painting pictures

Doing art shows

Making sense of what could be
Tell me what you know



Dorothy, Dorothy, have you heard
Dorothy, do you know where he could be

Dorothy, have you heard
He's waiting for you in Quang Tri



You raised three daughters
Now they're grown and gone

When will you finish those memoirs
McNamara is wrong

General Giap

Rode in the sun

Bernard knew his destiny
What's left to be done





Reflections of war
Memories still strong

All the years have now gone by

The last tape plays on
Street of Memories

Street Without Joy

Grains of rice worth more than blood
Are the answers in Hanoi



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