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©1991 - music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh

You finished what you begin

Congratulations you're my kind of guy

Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh

What a great big war you got us in

LBJ said hell we'll give it a try

Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh

I can understand what you did

Westmoreland said he'd make you fry
It seemed to them the die was cut

When General Giap said he had enough
In the Ia Drang Valley battle of '65


Giap's men knew the Valley well
But the 7th Cav gave them hell

And Hal Moore got his boys out alive
While the Beatles played A Hard Day's Night

The President said we'd stay and fight
Those taxi drivers were deliverin' sad news


Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh
What a hell of a mess we got in

McNamara said we couldn't lose
Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh

Now the Iraq war is at the end

No fatal victory like once before

Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh

We showed the world how we could win
A war that would open freedom's door


President Bush told Saddam Hussein
We won't play the body count game

This won't be another Vietnam War
With Tommy Franks in command

We took the sea, air, and land
Before America said war no more

President Bush said wait and see
Stick with me 'till Iraq is free

We stand together for peace and liberty


Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh
We'll all be buddies in the end

Let's raise the flag and have some apple pie

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