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757 Fly

Copyright 1981, words and music by John R. Black, vocals by John Frawley


I was workin’ down in L.A., workin’ for the railway

When I got a call on the telephone

The man said, "Son, you’re the lucky one.

I happen to be the Boeing recruitin’ man

We want you to come up North

By Lake Washington

We’re buildin’ the world

A new generation plane."

(And then he said...)


Seven five seven fly, we do more than try

We’re the Boeing Airplane Company

And we’re callin’ you

Seven five seven, fly

Buildin’ freedom birds for a sky

Full of old Bill’s dreams a comin’ true.


I packed my bags on the run

Traveled for two days

To report down on the production line

The boss shook my hand,

Said, “I’m the factory man.

We’ll pay you good and treat you mighty fine.

I’m workin’ hard for my pay,

But that’s what they all say.

I know we’re buildin’ the very best damn planes."

(And then he said...)


Seven five seven, fly

Where angels fear to go

Boeing people build ’em best

Best is all we know

Seven five seven, fly

From east to western shore

Planes keep rollin’ off the line

The world keeps wantin’ more.


Now my son is workin,’ workin’ on the line

Gettin’ top dollar for a job he likes to do.

I’ve been workin’ here many years

Been through toil and tears

Seen many of my dreams comin’ true.

This airplane company

Seems to have a hold on me

We’ll be buildin’ airplanes ‘til the end of time.

(And then they’ll say)


Keep those airplanes flyin’

Keep those airplanes flyin’

Keep those airplanes flyin’

Seven five seven, fly.

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