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©2018 music and words by John R. Black, ℗42nd Street Music Seattle


Last night I saw you standing 

In the evening light 

Hair blowing in the wind 

Your eyes were dynamite 

I walked up to you 

Then you touched my hand 

I kissed you so gently 

You said you're my man 



Julia, Julia, Julia 

I’m your lovin’ man 

Julia, Julia, Julia 

Love me if you can 

Julia, Julia, Julia 

My hearts on fire for you 

I’ll love you forever 

That's what I’m going to do


My heart stopped beating 

I could hardly stand 

My knees were shaking 

I was sinking in the sand 

My body starting floating 

Up into the sky 

High above the clouds 

I knew the reason why 




You said I’ll come to Moscow 

Your passion makes me free 

Hold me close and love me 

For all eternity 

Just remember my darling 

My lover my only one 

You must love me forever 

Our life has just begun 



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