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©1999 music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

Bundy and McNamara

Westmoreland and Lodge

Ready fire aim

Out on the streets of Dodge
The boys in Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh and Giap

Want those B52s

To stop droppin' so much crap

There is no stalemate

You told the press today

We're winning on all fronts
In that war far away

We need 3 billion more dollars

To kill more Viet Cong
But the CIA says Hanoi

Will just keep fightin' on


(Chorus A:)

God help us Lyndon

We better negotiate
God help us Lyndon

The NVA won't wait

God help us Lyndon

The cities are in distress
God help us Lyndon

The country's a mess


The secret talks in Paris

Started the end of June
But no one seemed to think

The war would be over soon

You said I won't run again
And Humphrey's my guy

But Nixon won the election

And everyone knew why

(Chorus B:)

God help us Lyndon

They're rioting tonight

God help us Lyndon

Vietnam ain't right
God help us Lyndon

Got a setback in space

God help us Lyndon

The economy's a disgrace

You were a human puzzle

We'll never quite understand

Your great assault on poverty
Benefited every man

Vietnam was a morass

Draggin' everybody down
But Civil Rights and Voting Rights

Put men on common ground


(Chorus A, Chorus B)

Song inspired by Flawed Giant: LBJ and his times, 1961-1973, Robert Dallek, 
Oxford University Press, 1998

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