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©1958 –
music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

Some men fight for glory
Some men fight for gold
But me I’m fightin’ for a pretty girl’s heart
and her name is Mary Jo


Oh Mary Jo oh oh
I love you so
The color of your eyes
And the way they glow
Your face as soft as a red red rose
Your hair, your lips, and your nose
Has me in your spell

I put my arms around you
We floated across, across the floor
Everyone was watching
When we walked out the door
The soft soft touch of your baby like face
Your pretty blue eyes and your slender waist
Made me fall in love


Your soft gently hands nestled next to mine
And I forgot all about the time
The beat beat beat of my heart
Told me we can never part
But now you’ve gone far away
Oh the price you’ve made me pay
But some day I’ll see you again
And I’ll hold you then and say


Mary Jo
I love you so, repeat to end.

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