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©1990 music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

There you are solid stone

Names of soldiers forever burned
Deep inside your memory

So many there forever gone
Who gave their lives so we'd live on

Names burned in solid stone
You've heard the many voices cry

Each every asking why
Love and sorrow hard lessons to learn



Oh Mr. War Memorial
How are your boys today

Tell them we miss them
They died so far away

Oh Mr. War Memorial
You are so great and strong

Tell them all we're crying
We're so sorry they are gone


There you are solid stone
A monument that stands alone

Dark against the deep grey sky
Their sacrifice was supreme

They died to give life to the dream
To the cause of peace and liberty

On the battlefield day and night
They fought to champion the right

Peace and freedom hard lessons to learn


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