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©2018 words and music by John R. Black, ℗42nd Street Music Seattle


Had to catch the night train

Had to be on time

Had told her I loved her

Told her she was mine

Then she called from Moscow

Said I have so much pain

The war has broke me down

There is no one to blame



Night train, night train

Oh, that lonely Siberian night train

Night train, night train

It’s a lonely, lonely heart-breaking train

It’s a lonely, lonely heart-breaking train

That Siberian night train


She’s my Russian Beauty

My love for her is strong

I lay awake at night alone

Wonder what is wrong

Doesn’t matter how I try

Russia is her home

She cries for mother Russia

Now I cry alone





Night train to Moscow

Tonight, I will not ride

The burning hope inside of me

Has finally died

Night train to Moscow

Whose bed will she sleep

Will I ever know

Whose heart she will keep


(Chorus x2)

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