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©2003 - music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

I lay you down to sleep

Now the battle is won
Cradle you in my arms

You are God's chosen son
I'm the warrior St. Michael

Come to take you home
God gives you peace forever

You'll never be alone


Rise up

Take my hand

Get ready to leave this land
Rise up

No one is left behind

Rise up
Now it's your time

No one is left behind
Rise up

Rise up

Rise up

Gettysburg to San Juan Hill

Verdun to Normandy
You fought our country's battles

To make all people free
From Inchon to Vietnam

The great battle of Ia Drang
You gave your life for freedom

How those freedom bells rang


I feel your beating heart

I see inside your soul
I'm the warrior St. Michael

Now it's time to go
Gods waiting at the gate

Telling us to come in
The angels are assembled

God gives you life again


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