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©1989 - music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle


I saw you when the sun was barely risin’

When I walked up you gently touched my hand

I put my arms around you and kissed you

And you said will you be my man


The sun came up, it was early mornin’

The sky turned blue, the day was here to stay

I whispered darling I love you

Would you walk with me out along this way



Out along this way

Out along this way

Walk with me

‘Til the night turns into day

Out along this way

Out along this way

Would you walk with me

Out along this way


As we walked together a breeze was gently blowin’

The trees were swaying far above our heads

I followed you, you knew where you were goin’

Then you stopped, turned to me and said


A new life is waiting right before us

Filled with dreams longing to come true

I see a little girl playing in a garden

With visions of love for me and you



Now we stand together in this wedding chapel

Our friends are here, it’s our wedding day

Soon we’ll be married and be together

Making dreams come true out along this way



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