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©1988 - music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

I've sung all your old songs

I've also written a few
I've been to the old places

And seen some of the new
I grew up to Ozzie and Harriet

Watchin' you and Dave on T.V.
Playin' out those family roles

Sometimes you were me

I sang your songs in high school

In my rock n' roll band
Waitin' in School was my favorite

Saw you on American Bandstand
I know you got married

Well Ricky so did I
When you were singin' Garden Party

They sent me to Vietnam to die

And Ricky I'm right behind

Oh Ricky I'm right behind
Reachin' inside this crazy mind of mine

Maybe I don't belong here anymore
Can't seem to ever shut this door

And get away from the things I've done before

You had Tracy, Gunnar, Matt, and Sam

I had Shane, Heidi, Ben
Raisin' a family is tough as hell

When you're fightin' in Vietnam
While you were singin' Travelin' Man

I was on duty in Berlin town
You crashed and burned in '85

When I was messin' around

I wonder about the future

And what it holds for me
Maybe writin' songs forever

I guess I'll have to see
I'm ready to start all over

To do what's right to right a wrong
If you want to know my story

You can hear it in my song

And Ricky I'm right behind

Oh Ricky I'm right behind
Maybe I need to find someplace new

So maybe Ricky I can come and be with you
We'll sing all your old songs forever

Up there in Heaven's Stone Canyon Band
We'll get the boys to sing along with us

Who died on the battlefields of Vietnam

And Ricky I'm right behind

Oh Ricky I'm right behind
Yes Ricky I'm right behind

Ricky I'm right behind

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