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©1962 –
music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

Well I wanted to roam many years ago
So I left the north that I loved so
And I traveled down
To Rio Town

Well I packed my bags and I followed the sound
Hitchin’ my way to Rio Town
Met a girl and looked around
Sunnin’ myself in Rio Town
Down in Rio town


Oh oh Rio Town
Where the girls dance all around
Where the food is cooked outside
Where you can buy a donkey ride
Where it rains but once a day
Flowers bloomin’ thick as hay
Down in Rio Town

I got tired of Rio Town
All those girls dancin’ around
Monkeys hangin’ upside down
Hearin’ every kind of sound
Down in Rio Town



I was yearnin’ for northern land
Cookin’ chicken in a fryin’ pan
Fishin’ in the lakes so blue and clear
Eatin’ crackers and drinkin’ beer
Down in Rio Town

So I left one sunny day
I was tired anyway
Headin’ back to northern land
Eatin’ chicken from the fryin’ pan

Oh oh Rio Town
Goodbye Rio Town

Shall we head north, babe?
Ya man, how about Montana
Well how about Washington
Ok let’s head ‘em up and move ‘em out
Spokane, Seattle, here we come

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