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©1988 music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

Thirteen years with a Nashville Band

The country blues are gettin’ me down
I don’t feel right and I’m all uptight

Why don’t I stop messin’ around
Times are changing all my friends are gone

Think it’s time to move along
Rock n’ Roll Mary we can make it baby

Let’s try and sing a new song


Rock n’ Roll Mary will you come along and sing with me
We’ll go back to rockin’ sounds and a hard rockin’ melody
Rock n’ Roll Mary come and help me play this old world a better tune
We’ll sing Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly rockin’ underneath the moon


Thirteen years with a Nashville Band

My pickin’ is mighty slow
My heart is achin’ my hands are shakin’

And the music just won’t flow
I’ll sell my Cadillac

Throw away that old guitar
Don’t you know that I love you so

Will you be my Rock n’ Roll star


Thirteen years with a country sound/Heaven knows I need a change
I’ve played the circuit singin’ every country song
The years have gone by

And I need a love to last me through time
So Rock n’ Roll Mary I want you to know

You’ve got to be mine


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