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©2002 - music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

Looking at the shadows

Sun is in my eyes

Waiting for the evening

To fill up the sky
Waiting for the silence

To take hold of me

Waiting for the evening

Seems like eternity


Shadows are falling

Falling on the wall

I see my reflection

And that isn't all
I see inside myself

The curtains gonna rise

I've peeled away the mask
Thrown away the disguise


Twilight starts me thinking

Hear the silence speak
Waiting for the evening

For the answers I seek

Reaching inside my mind
This river never ends

Moving towards the sea

What message does it send


Waiting for the evening

When can I be free
Now the wind is blowing

Can't you let me be

Looking' at the shadows

Think I understand
Why it isn't easy

For a solitary man



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