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©2002 - music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle

Its early evening

Rain's coming down

Lights are dimming

In my hometown
Nobody's speaking

The bar is full

Beers on the table

Christina's playing pool
Don't care about her

She's come and gone

Then there's Mary

We don't belong
They want to travel

To where I've gone

Tired of hearing

What went wrong


So would you shut out the lights tonight

And would you rock me to sleep in your arms
And would you tell me you'll always be mine

And say you love me

And say you love me
And say you love me


It's early morning

Rain's coming down

Lights flickering
In my hometown

Nobody's speaking

Up at the bar

Glasses are empty

Everyone's gone


Don't read the papers

It's all the same

Don't like my job
Nothings going to change

Don't get me confused

About how you feel
I need you right now

This is real



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