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©2017 music and words by John R. Black, 42nd Street Music Seattle 

There’s temptation in a cheating heart 

That’s left over when love falls apart 

There’s temptation in a will that’s weak 

Skipping answers that fools only seek 


Who's got the answers 

Who gives a damn 

When loves gone astray 

You do what you can 

Who's got the answers 

In dreams that died 

Hoping there's a chance  

For love to survive  

There's temptation in love that's died 

Prayin’ for redemption (when) there's only pride 

There's temptation in love grown cold 

Tryin' to recover; passion grown old 



There's temptation in hope that's gone 

That's been given to right a wrong 

There's temptation when romance is dead 

Islands of doubt survive there instead 



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