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I Don’t Understand

© 2020, words and music by John R. Black


I don’t understand

Why you ran away,

I was so in love with you

I wanted you to stay.

Your love was strong and true

Your heart was solid gold

But then you said, “No more—

Our love has grown cold.”



I don’t think

We’ll ever love again;

I just hope we can be friends.

But deep inside of me

I think you want to be free

I think you want to be free.


I don’t understand

Why you loved me so long

And then you shut me down

When I tried to right a wrong.

I don’t understand

Why you don’t grieve for me;

I’d think you’d want to say goodbye

Before you set me free.




I don’t understand

The night you danced with me

Danced the old-fashioned way,

It’s the way it has to be.

You said, “Hold me close.”

These memories must never leave

To dance the old-fashioned way

Is the way we must believe.




And now it’s time to say goodbye.

Was it real or just a dream?

When we met and fell in love

On the Queen Mary 2 at sea.

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