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©2018 words and music by John R. Black, ℗42nd Street Music Seattle


I woke up in this dream 

Where I like to hide 

There was the morning news 

That said I had died 

I rolled over in a daze  

And no matter how I tried 

Could I understand 

The morning when I died 



I’ve got to leave this dream 

Where I like to hide 

Go read the morning news 

The morning when I died 

Oh Momma don’t you cry 

Oh Daddy I’m comin’ home 

Now I’m going to see you 

We’ll never be alone 


I really wasn’t ready 

To leave so soon 

Had a great vacation planned 

Now those plans are ruined 

My payments will be late 

My woman will be sad 

My dog will be in mourning 

Things are lookin’ bad 






I hope my Vietnam buddies 

Who have gone ahead 

Will welcome me and tell me 

That I’m really dead 

They will say the war is over 

We all did what we could 

You made it into Heaven 

Like we knew you would 


(Chorus x2) 

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