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©1988 –
music and words by John R. Black, ℗ 42nd Street Music Seattle


I want to write a song tonight
I want to write a song
I want the words to come out right
Listen, I want to write a song

Maybe I’ll write about you
Maybe the heartaches and the pain
Maybe I’ll cry a little too
Maybe I’ll try to explain
Why I left you and went away
Gone forever like a dream
Maybe I’ll sing myself to sleep
Maybe that’s what I should do
Maybe in your heart you keep
The memories of me and you
When we were young and so in love
Before I went away


And when my life is over
And you lay my body down
Please sing my songs forever
Even though I’m not around
I’ll sing my song on heaven’s bandstand
Dick Clark will be my emcee
I’ll introduce Ricky Nelson
He’ll tell me he’s finally free

Garden party it’s all over
Gone forever like a dream
Maybe my song is the beginning
Maybe the song I write will be
The ship that sails us over
Over this stormy lonely sea
Finally we could be together
Finally, together you and me


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